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categories.jpg Catalog is a library of music developed and distributed by GmbH for use in Engine. The library was composed and produced mostly by Denovaire of GmbH and contains contributions from various musicians. The library contains several principal categories, including sci-fi, fantasy, and urban.

Browsing the Catalog

Our entire catalog can be perused at . Our catalog is a growing collection of music. Individual modules are packaged as assets in our catalog.

  • The assets are grouped in chapters.
  • The chapters are grouped in sub-categories
  • The sub-categoriers are grouped in categories. We currently have 5 categories: Fantasy, Sci-fi, Urban, Fairy Tale, and Industrial.

When you open the catalog, you will see this:


The column on the left is to filter the catalog. You may:

  • Search for specific words occurring anywhere in the asset titles, their descriptions, or production codes
  • Browse the category tree down to the level of chapters
  • Filter by price
  • Filter by tempo
  • Filter by tags
    • Adaptiveness (Duration Retargeting, Layered, ...)
    • Flavor (Cinematic, Industrial, ...)
    • Game context (Suspense, Defeat, Story, ...)
    • Instrumentation (Piano, Classic orchestra, ...)
    • Mood (Mystical, Soothing, Moving, ...)
    • Composed by (names of the composers)

Asset parameters

Some of our assets have one or more parameters. What the parameters do is written in the text descriptions (blurbs) of those asset. Alter their value to change the playback of music in real time. Click inside the edit box, change the number, and click outside for the change to take effect.

For example, DPFP05x The Pendulum asset has a single parameter called PENDULUM. Below it's the asset shown with the pendulum sounds turned off (0):


Integration with the game

  • In order to utilize a module (assets), place it in a page and have the code of your game activate that page.
  • In order to utilize a parameter, expose it as a global parameter and have the code of your game alter its value.