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Main Page

Welcome to GmbH's wiki containing the technical documentation of Engine. This wiki is a work in progress.


  1. Adaptive Music -- an introduction to our basic concepts
  2. Adaptive Music Design -- how to design a structure of your game's music and choose the music in our catalog

How to Use

  1. Technical Requirements -- incl. platforms we currently support
  2. Using Engine in Unity -- how to implement adaptive music in Unity
  3. Exercise: A Platformer Game -- a case study how to utilize Engine for a platformer game
  4. Catalog -- a brief description our music catalog

Our Catalog library contains a number of styles to choose from, including Fantasy, Urban, and Industrial. The engine receives music context switch commands and parameters via API. It serves an audio stream to the host application. Our adaptive music implements a number of commonly used techniques, including horizontal resequencing and vertical reorchestration.


Always turn down the volume of your headphones. As with most audio applications, make sure to listen to any output from Engine at a reasonable volume in order to protect your hearing.