Adaptive Music

Adaptive music of a video game (or other interactive medium) is an interactive music soundtrack with a priori known range of music contexts, capable of non-trivial, yet graceful responses to changing gameplay situation in the game with deterministic and repeatable behavior.

The individual pieces of's adaptive music catalog utilize one or more techniques of music adaptiveness. They are listed in the following table. Please note that currently we only offer BASIC functionality to our customers. We will roll out the ADVANCED in a near future.

Technique Description Available in BASIC Available in ADVANCED (TBA)
Duration Retargeting The music piece's duration is adjusted to user's needs. The music can gracefully start, play for a desired amount of time (loop if needed), and gracefully end, as needed by the video game. Yes Yes
Module-to-module Transitions The currently played module is gracefully terminated and the destination module is seamlessly linked. Yes Yes
In-module Reorchestration (Sibling Patterns) The music can transition between various moods, while maintaining the overall flow and tempo. These transitions may be driven either by the game state or automatically, using LFOs. LFOs can be controlled Fully customizable
In-module Resequencing Patterns of music can be lined up in time, while the flow of beat is uninterrupted. No Fully customizable
In-page Resequencing Modules of music can follow one another, while ensuring their seamless transitions. No Fully customizable
Stingers Short music patterns, being played on the top of existing layers. Predefined Fully customizable

Adaptive music music in the WLA Engine is controlled by the following mechanisms:

Mechanism Description Available in BASIC Available in ADVANCED (TBA)
Activating and deactivating of pages By activating and deactivating pages, the host application ensures or disables the playback of the modules associated to those pages. Yes Yes
Page Priority Level The pages of a higher priority (higher number) "cover" the pages of a lower priority (lower number). If a page of a higher priority is activated while a page of a lower priority is active, a transition happens to the module associated to the higher-priority page. When the page is deactivated, a transition back to the lower-priority page happens automatically. Yes Yes
Low-frequency Modulation (LFO) The scripts simulating LFO exist in some of our modules, ensuring periodic changes of moods. The LFOs can be implemented at the level of entire pages, in which case periodic transitions between modules contained in that page may be in effect in addition to module-based LFOs. LFOs can be controlled. Their function is pre-defined. Fully customizable
one-shots Some modules are intended to use as one-shots, i.e. short, non-looping pieces of music, intended to be triggered to denote an important event in the game (victory, game over, ...) Pre-defined Fully customizable


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